Purpose: I know I have so many reasons why I have started this website long ago with the intention of putting my thoughts into a small corner in the web. But so many unfortunate events led me to forget everything and try to move on with life on a day to day basis.

Now I am back to blogging, to teaching, and to doing business simultaneously. If you would ask me if it is possible, yes it is, but it is really HARD. But I want to earn more, that is why despite the hardships along the way, I am still doing this. Have I earned from this? Sort of, and not that much, YET. But I know I will get there. Somehow, I am way too excited to share what I know so that other people like me, who are way too simple, ignorant like me (but not anymore), so that I could be of help, HOPEFULLY.

So you found this blog, maybe because you are trying to search for answers on how to start an online business, how to do the laptop lifestyle, or how to effectively earn through blogging. Or you were invited because of our team is currently looking for more ESL teachers to work here in China.

Whatever your reason is, CHEERS!

Now, I want to congratulate you because finally, you have that desire in your heart to start.

If you won’t feel that compelling reason to change your life, your current situation will not change at all.

Chronicles International and its ventures

So this website is all about my different endeavors, because just like what I’ve said, I am a dreamer and I want a piece of every good thing there is.

We help teachers to get a job in China as an ESL Teacher. We help those teachers to get their Z Visa. We give assistance those who need referrals and we connect them to agents and employers.

We help musicians and performers get their awesome opportunities in China’s huge hotels.

We Provide 120 Hours of Tesol Certificate that is acknowledged by the Chinese Embassy.

We want you to start your own TRAVEL AGENCY and effectively work from the comfort of your own home, or do it in your spare time if you do not want to leave your current job.

And one of the best things that I have been doing in the past, is multiplying money by letting other people’s money work for me through Agriculture. I hope to inspire others to become CREATORS and not COMPETITORS.

We also offer ENGLISH WINTER and ENGLISH SUMMER CAMP PROGRAMS to learners of all ages. We invite clients to go to the Philippines to immerse themselves in the culture, meet new friends, and effectively improve their English Communication skills.

I know, I know, I know, these are too much in ONE WEBSITE! But I want to show everybody that as I am starting again, I purchased this one website so that I would have more credibility in the world wide web, and that doing this is possible. Who knows, I might be able to purchase another website, venture into another business, and maybe EARN a LITTLE MORE.

God bless us all and more power!

Rose, the one behind the blog.