A Letter of Recommendation

Dear Sir,

This letter is in response to your request of recommending the president of my organization to be the recipient of the award of this year’s “___________” on ___________. And it is my privilege to recommend KAM to receive such an honorable award.

As the adviser of the WUP RCYC for ___ years now, I have seen members and officers in this organization come and go. Some of them I know personally and some i just know by names. Karen Vi is one of those members of the organization who has shown great qualities which made her co-members decide to vote her as the nth president this school year.

She was still a high school freshman when she started joining Red Cross Youth, and when she studied here in Wesleyan, she joined the College RCY. Up to this time, no one would disagree that Karen is the one person who always did her best to help the group/organization achieve its goals.

I am more than proud to recommend her not just because she was able to lead her associates and subordinates with respect and authority, but because she was able to touch lives. Through her commitment and services, I really can say that the WUP RCYC has been one the best organizations in this university because of her effective leadership.

There were times that in able to finish all the works and to meet all the needs and expectations, if there is one person who has been very faithful to stay, that person is Karen. Whenever she is in charge, we, the advisers can really just sit back and relax. She don’t need to say it but we know, always consider it done.

Attached here is the summary report of the activities under her leadership.

Excellence is one of my basis in my decision, and Karen Vi is the description of being an excellent person.


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