A Question

Ate. G0od night.

Naeenc0urage aq s twing bnbsa q ung txt m kgbi..

Thank y0u.

I l0ve y0u.

[a text message]

You are more beautiful than any other people around you.
Smarter,wiser,a more talented person.

But do you know why people are sticking around with you?
Because of what you are to them.

Karen,not the president of rcy, not the leader of the group, not the smart one running for cumlaude.
But Karen who is funny,sweet,thoughtful,caring, loving friend that anyone would want to have.

You are the person that they would want to spend their time with,the person that they’d be calling in times of trouble,the person whom they could entrust their secrets,their lives.

Just so you know, many people are hanging on to you for support.

But i don’t want you to live your life for them. Live your life,for your own. Your own future,happiness, satisfaction.

So please don’t feel that you don’t want to proceed anymore. Don’t confess that you can’t do it any longer.
You’re breaking a lot of hearts by saying so.

Just so you know, i’m one of those people. So in behalf of them,here i am saying these things to you.

You are being valued, being loved,more than you ever know.

[a question]
What will happen if i can’t encourage you any longer? What’d you be doing if i can’t be a better person?

While i still can,i’ll do it. Though not everyday.Ü

I love you.

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