Blog Entry CHANCES Nov 20, ’09 5:55 AM
for everyone
People will hurt us, that is an inevitable truth. Others say that the people who’d hurt us the most are those persons who are closest to us. But the question is, how are we going to respond to situations where in our hearts will break into pieces?

Often, people would ask us for chances. A chance for a suitor to a girl he loves, a chance to a girl to prove that she’s better, and a lot of requests for an another chance.

Along side the chances are the promises given to prove that somebody’s word is enough to be a reason to hold on to. But most of the time, promises are made to be broken. Oh well, that is for a lot of people nowadays.

Given the fact that one will be hurt no matter what, we choose to love. We choose to forgive. To forget. We choose to speak. We choose to drink. We choose to shout. We choose to sleep. We choose to refuse. We choose to compromise.

Even if we are hurting, the feeling of being loved is sometimes enough for us to continue loving. We try to understand. We try to get by. Others try to be numb.

Even if we cry, we still choose to be that person who would be willing to be there for the people we love, because this is who we are, the people who want to get the best out of life. We give.

One thing that I’ve learned the past few days, we can’t give our all if we are not yet full, if we are not complete yet. If we are not whole.

The probability of getting hurt and us hurting other people will be higher if we will be stubborn enough to commit into a relationship when in fact, we are not ready yet.

Chances are, we will be whole if the other person would be willing enough to put the pieces back together for you, or we will be shattered. And it would be a lot harder to get the pieces back.

Do we need to be afraid? Be scared of letting our hearts be poured out?

Loving is a risk worth taking. And I’m taking my chances.

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nerlynshii03 wrote on Nov 20, ’09
I Agree.

nilhelediel wrote on Nov 24, ’09, edited on Dec 1, ’09
well, i kinda really don’t get it…
are you telling me to wait till i get ready
or to go for it right now and take my chances?

and who i pray tell would you be taking your chances with??

prinzesmaan wrote on Nov 27, ’09
CHANCES ba talaga dapat ang title na toh?

blackhairedcreature wrote on Dec 1, ’09
Hehe. Di ko alam Ate.

Adle, di ko din alam dapat isagot.

Bigla ako naconfuse…:)

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