Encouragement and Encouragements

for everyone

” Tuwingkol, tuwingkol, lital sar, haw ay wandar wat yu ar. Ap-“

Ma! ano na po yung susunod sa ap abay???=)

When i was not so little anymore, i sang a song to my mom… And then, she laughed… I was really inspired to sing her another song, but she told me, “Nakong (short for “anak kong si Dawin, or Anak kong si Nanan), para akong nakarinig ng duckling ah… Sumayaw ka nalang sa school niyo ha…”  And so I listened to her… i joined the elementary dance troupe (the dancers were my friends so i didn’t have an audition.)… For how how many days, we practiced in my classmate’s house because there’s an upcoming “Linggo ng Wika”… Hehe…I was studying in a Public School…=)

All the students were watching, even the parents… Even though i was a lil bit anxious because it’s my first time to dance a modern dance (it was Shalala i think), i enjoyed dancing… I was the only one smiling, even though i was at the back… And then the audience clapped their hands… I felt really great that time… And then i went home… There, my dad was standing near the door… Upon greeting him with my happiest smile, he talked to me seriously…

“Anak, wag ka ng sasayaw uli ha… Para kasing poste yang katawan mo… Kumanta ka nalang…” Oh my Gosh!!! My dad saw me dancing… And he wasn’t proud… My parents were my first ones to encourage my young mind, and also the first ones to break my young heart…


I learned to be deaf when it comes to my abilities… I know i can’t sing well, but i do believe, i’m not out of tune… I know i cant dance well, but can easilly catch up with the steps… And so i didnt listen to my mom and dad… I joined the choir… I dance during physical edications class… i moved… I took those discouragements as an encouragement… God said, there’s a lot more at the other side…  If you are going to say I should stop what i love doing, i’m sorry, i can’t do that… But if you are to say, Dawin, it’s just fine, but don’t close your doors for improvements… That, i would love to do…


Whenever I’m singing, i always thought of creating music for those people who can’t even speak, those people who can’t hear… I learned to compose songs for them, and for the One who gave me the abilities i am enjoying right now…

Whenever i am dancing, i may never be a good choreographer, but i want others to see me as an encouragement, that not so long time ago, i can’t even move my feet… But now i am dancing…

I learned to play some of the musical instruments known to man, because of the people around me… Someone told me me, “Dawin, wag mo na uling hawakan yang gitara, ang liit mo, mas malaki pa sayo yang instrument! Saka hindi maaabot ng mga daliri mo yung mga frets…” Again, i didn’t listen… And then i played the keyboard…. My teacher said, “Ano ba yan?! bakit bumabaha dito sa piano??! Yung alcohooooooollll!!!”=) I told mom that i want to buy a Drumstick, she bought a Drumset… Makakain ko ba yun? Ang mahal pa ng Lazer, eh ang gusto ko lang naman eh Selecta…=)


And then i started writing… i don’t remember when did i start…. And so, i was always encouraged, but always discouraged whenever i read other’s stuff… Kawawa naman mga gawa ko, nilalait nalang ng iba lagi… But then i realized, bakit pa nila binabasa???!! Thank you pa rin,,,. Sorry nalang sa mga taong nabore at nagsabing walang kwenta, Nasayang ang oras nila sa isang babasahing para lamang naman talaga sa mga taong marunong magpahalaga…


Before, i was writing because i wanted to release my emotions… Right now, it’s still the same.=) But this time, i want the readers to feel blessed in their own special ways,I am a reader of my own works anyway…=)


Listening plays a vital role in means of communication… But if listening makes your life miserable, or you can’t do your work properly because of the things people are telling you, then it’s time to be deaf… Sometimes, we need a quiet place for us to really hear the right words for us… As for me, its always been God who’s telling me the right words… The right things… The right responses… It doesn’t matter if you cant’ do things the others can do, you’re supposed to do the things you’re ought to do, and you can do it… don’t compare yourself to someone better than you because it’s always you who feel the worse… You can be an encouragement to the people around you even if you’re alone when you’re already tired of the game…Tap your shoulder and say, AJA!!!


kramthet wrote on Feb 7, ’07
sounds familiar to most of us…
coz there are lots of people who tried to down us with their opinions ang standards..
but guess what.. ur love & ur desire to do things are much stronger with them…
and WHO SAYS???…
the people around u???
well listen to Him… coz im sure God were saying u can bcoz He stored alot of talents to every one of us…
not for us to gain glory but Him..
mabuhay dawinda! 😀

blackhairedcreature wrote on Feb 7, ’07
hehe, ate thet..thank you..=)

Challenge yata pag nabasa mo ng isang upuan lahat ng naipost ko..=)

Naipon po eh..=)

Si God naman talaga reason…always..=)

prinzesmaan wrote on Feb 7, ’07, edited on Feb 7, ’07
they say that words can either make you or break you.,..

but the good thing is as CHRISTIANS we already know what are the words that we should listen to and say to someone and what are the words that we should avoid.,..

well..ur good dawin.,
coz bata ka pa alam mu na ung principle na un.,

and yeah..i believe that thru ur articles people are being blessed and encouraged.,

nice work again my lady dawin.,Ü
you never fail to make me envy ur works.,


astaldohiliel wrote on Feb 8, ’07
amazing dawin!!!

keep on dancing
keep on playing guitar, drums, keyboard and piano
u r doing great!
u r great!

ur respond on those discouragement is a BIG ENCOURAGEMENT!


zafinayaffa wrote on Aug 26, ’07
Aba, kapatid, ngayon (08/26) ko lang nabasa ito! Greatness!
Dapat ipaalam sa mga kinauukulan ito! To Mama and Papa!
Ang korni ng ‘drumstick’ mo, pero natawa ako. Haha.
Magaling kapatid, magaling. Pagpalain ka! 🙂

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