French Fries

Since we were kids,my siblings and I were always fascinated whenever there’s a pet in the house. But for some reasons, I don’t know, our pets eventually dies, leaves, and two have been stolen. 😦

For the nth time, we decided to have an another addition to the family. A dog we named French Fries, which we don’t know the breed. He is a male brown colored, and a hairy mammal who loves eating, and yet when he’s already full, leaves his meal to take a nap in front of an electric fan. It’s a good thing that the fans we use are located on the floor.

I don’t remember now how old he is nor how long he’s been with us, but one thing is for sure, he’s ready for his first vaccination. I called up Sanse to by a vaccine from the vet clinic.

Last month we were all saddened when French Fries got sick for almost a week. He was so weak that he can’t even stand. We pampered him a lot, and came to a point where we forced him to eat and drink. We didn’t know the reason, except the theory that he ate used tissues with alcohol that Rose used to clean his ears. (French Fries loves his ears being cleansed.)

Oh well, after a week of being silent, he recovered, and developed a new skill: French fries knows how to get to the second floor, using the stairs!!!

I taught him that! 🙂

Ditse is always irritated by the messy-ness of our apartment, sometimes because of French Fries, but most of the time, because of me.

It’s as if God really brought a kid into our house, Frenchie makes us happy and really proud especially when he do his waggling thing. He oes it when he’s really excited. 🙂

And it is now our habit to change the beddings everyday because he finds it more comfortable sleeping with us in bed in front of an electric fan, than be a guard at night.

I don’t have his photo yet but I found this on Rose’s facebook. :))

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