I know I am more than grateful that me and my family and my friends were not affected by the typhoon two days ago. I just finished watching an amateur video of how a person tried to rescue somebody from the flood. Er, I was moved.

I know I should do something. PRAY.

I’m out of words…

As for Vi, I’m now trying to be so natural when it comes to my emotions. Not expecting anything from her, including her time. Though it seems that sooner or later our relationship will be superficial, I know this is the time that I need to be a lot more understanding. If it means not telling her my real feelings, maybe I could do that.

Today is Xoy’s birthday. I so love her. I would do anything for her. Even if it takes my whole salary for her “kikay” stuff, i would gladly give all of it.:)

I pray that the things that I’ve experienced before will not be happening to her. I want her to enjoy life more than anyone. I want her to be Christ like in her walk of faith. I pray that she may be more mature, and more beautiful, and wiser everyday.
i love you Xoy.

But still, there is this longing in my heart that whenever I get home, you’ll hug me.

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