I never thought of it til now…

That I was being a crab to somebody…To Philip. Yeah. I said things that I know crushed him. I said things to Karen that I know discouraged them both. I refused to open my ears, I refused to open my mind, my heart.

Earlier this afternoon before going home, God made me realized that I am not acting right. I’m being stubborn, and worst, I’m being bitter. I felt bad, really bad. I came to a realization that somehow, the very reason why he (Philip) is not maturing/growing is because of the people around him who only see his faults. A person like me. And I know I need to do something about it. I texted him and asked for his availability. We will talk tomorrow. I will apologize. I will open up my heart again. I will offer him friendship, the one that he deserves.

No, i’m not doing this because of somebody else. I will do this for myself, and for him.

I want to be a friend. A real friend. I want to be one of the people who would be proud of him.

I want to encourage him to live his life in accordance with the will of God. I want to see him grow and mature. I want to see him happy. I want to see them happy. 🙂

God, thank you for making me realize things. It is never too late to patch up things.

I want to feel good again. And oh by the way, I will talk to Wewe too.

I want to live my life without regrets… I want to live my life without hatred, bitterness and pain caused by me.

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