Light of the World… I Am???

Blog Entry LIGHT OF THE WORLD… I AM??? Aug 24, ’07 2:48 AM
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Last week, I have dreamt of God telling me that I am a light of the world… It remained in my memory (my dreams usually fades easilly)…

I prayed and I opened my Bible  to read my daily 4chapters… and guess what I’ve found…

Matthew 5:14 says,

“You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.”

Days passed and I spent most of my time thinking, HOW CAN I BE A LIGHT TO THE WORLD? I can’t get it… I know God is telling me to do something, in which, I don’t know… (I can’t discern…)


Last Sunday, during our devotion before our Service (music team), Kuya Ace shared about “us” (individually), being a light to the world in our own ways, in our own ‘lines’… Example, if I have a gift in neutralizing things, I can be a light by making my team unite… Kuya Don wasn’t there, but in the afternoon when we were exchanging texts over something (school related), He told me thaT the Impulse (college paper where in we’re both involved) needs a neutral mind, and he’s there to be a light….

I don’t want to sound so spiritual, but I’m really believing that, I need to do something… Err, I don’t know, but,,, something…

Until now, I can’t find a way to know it but to pray… Im praying that God would enable me to see things the way i should see it…

I am a light to the world, because I am a Christian. i must preach the good news… But beyond that, I know/believe there’s still more…

The reason why i posted this blog: If you have an encouragement, PLEASE, send it to me?

I need revelations…=) Ciao….

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zafinayaffa wrote on Aug 24, ’07
You don’t need to think too much. That’s worrying, you know. Let God move. 🙂

blackhairedcreature wrote on Aug 24, ’07
aww… eh, excited na sa revelation ni Lord…

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