Merry Kitkat!

I’ve seen the newest commercial of kitkat’s new product, Kitkat bites. I think I’m gonna love it. Kitkat is one of the few products that I am really fond of eating. I asked kam for it.ü (really can’t think of a better way to call her. I’m just maarte lang talaga.Ü redundant..)

Okay. I got frustrated again tonight because Xoy ignored my demand, sort of a lambing on my part. Hm,di pala talaga sila sanay sa mga lambing ko.
Knowing me, I’m a touchy person. I love hugging and holding people’s hands.

I erased the Dear Bestfriend Blogs already. Those things with bitterness on it. Hehe. We talked already and I brought bff at Seeguhjuan. Hm, I’m really hoping for a better relationship, for a better me, a more matured ate, a more understanding person.
I’m even more glad because I can now share all my thoughts with her,without limitations.
Though I still can’t help but be worried that she might get affected..

The disadvantage of having a younger bestfriend is that, she is my responsibility,and that I need to act my age.Ü maybe not always though..
I can’t be too childish.

The advantage? Oh well, I can understand every bit of her better than others.Ü i love everything about her, even at her worst.. (katakot..)

On having a bestfriend like mine, I’m always pushed to the limits. 🙂 But I love the idea that she loves me and she will never let go of me, ever. 🙂

Lord,thank you for the lives of the people around me.

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