Midnight Madness

Blog Entry MIDNIGHT MADNESS Feb 7, ’07 2:29 AM
for everyone

I asked my two friends to sleep over here. Rather, to join me reviewing… 3 of us have exams the following day, so we’ve decided not to sleep anymore… Then plans have change… We’ll start reveiwing at around 9:30 after dinner, and we will sleep at around 3:30 in the morning… but then again, but then again, but then again, right after the clock turned 10:00 pm, i went black…

__________________i fell asleep.=)____________________________

Nanan: Marie! Gumising ka na! Anong oras ba pasok mo?


Marie: Ha? 7:30 pa…ZZzzz…


Nanan: Ano? Hala, seven o’clock na! Malelate ka nanaman! Bumangon ka na at maligo na!


Marie: Antok pa ko… Mauna ka na Roselle!


Roselle: May ginagawa pa ako Sanse! Tapos na si Ditse! Mauna ka na!


Marie: (Bumangon, tumayo at naglakad pababa ng hagdan… Tumingin sa orasan…)

=) You know what happened next…=)

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