Mom’s birthday

My mom?

Focused. Strong. Faithful. Strong willed. Loving. Caring. Thoughtful. Sweet. One of the best persons in my life. I won’t ask for another mom in this world. Not in another lifetime either. Supportive. Funny. Easy to be with. Emotional. Intelligent. A wife. A friend. A mother. A supporter. A fan.

She has this oh-so-perfect personality, but still, just like everyone else, she has her flaws, a not so perfect creation. I am more than proud to have a mom like her.

I don’t know how she managed to reach us all out, me and my siblings. We were just seeing each other for three weeks every year for a decade now, and it’s a wonder how we are still connected, we are still bonded. I know it is love. And i know, it is because of her efforts. It is because,she loves us most.

I don’t know how many times I made her cry. And I am always sorry for doing so.

This time, i just want to honor her through this. People who know me know how grateful I am, how proud I am, how boastful i am to have a mom like Enday. Hehe. That’s her pet name. I got my name from her. Procenda. Dawin. Rosewinda. Da. da.

I love you Mama!!!

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