My Apologies.

Blog Entry MY APOLOGIES. Jun 26, ’09 1:20 AM
for everyone
I’d rather be trusted than just be loved.

Goodbye Multiply.

Goodbye Friendster.

Goodbye Youtube.

Goodbye Blogger.

Goodbye facebook.

Goodbye beautiful, welcome reality.

I’d rather be trusted than just be loved.

Don’t ask me why I’m being cold, I prefer to stay in silence this time.

You started it by letting me know you trust me but not that much.

It’s easier for me to smile and pretend than to explain why I’m sad.

Yes, I’m a coward for not telling these to you.

I’m hurt and I can’t just bear it.

I’m letting you go, I’m letting things go.

We’ll never be the same, maybe I’m the one to blame.

I’m still s friend, even your better friend. Now I know i can’t be your whatever, never will I be.

I don’t wanna wait anymore, can bear the load no more.

I’m a savior that needs salvation, I need a savior too.

I choose to breath, I choose to live.

Goodbye theWind, goodbye roses, goodbye dramas.

I’d rather be trusted than just be loved.

(This would be my last blog. To all my supporters, THANK YOU…)

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8 CommentsChronological   Reverse   Threaded

jomatias wrote on Jun 26, ’09
mmm… bakit po?

prinzesmaan wrote on Jun 26, ’09
just blogs?

heartchiq08 wrote on Jun 26, ’09
why do you have to end those stuffs?

zafinayaffa wrote on Jun 27, ’09
Echeng lang ito. Hekhek.. 😛

infinitin wrote on Jun 28, ’09
awww… why po mommy?

trashtolife wrote on Jun 29, ’09
wengks! the wind blogs will vanish? ehehe

astaldohiliel wrote on Jul 3, ’09
now i know…

hugs for TheWind*!

hmmm galing mo kasi..i got your point.

You know your worth.
You know who you are.

blackhairedcreature wrote on Sep 25, ’09
Echeng nga lang eto:)

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