My bestfriend’s David


Hindi ko alam kung tama ang intindi ko. Nagbuklat ako ng Bible kanina, naghahanap siya (King Saul) ng harpist kasi lagi siyang worried, balisa. Binigay ni God si David sa kanya. Nung nakita palang niya si David, at peace na yung heart niya.

Mali man o tama ang intindi ko, alam ko, ikaw yun sakin. Ikaw yung David ko.


February 11, 2010 (12:16am)

This was after a day where in my phone got broken, I can’t send a text message to anybody. Even to 222!

She’s affected by a lot of things, mostly because of the pressures around her.

We both realized, every time she needs me, as in literally needs me, whenever she looks for me, I am nowhere to be found. My phone is either empty, or I left it. Or broken.

This is the very reason why i am always trying to find time for her. I don’t want her to be frustrated just because she can’t find me. But of course, I am limited too.

(Hm, I bought Dunkin Donut’s munchkins for Xoy. She’s reviewing when i left. And when I came back, she’s sleeping already. Tsk!)

Anyway, God has been faithful in my life. He always is. He knows how to make me smile. He knows when to touch my heart.

As for me, i just wanna be hugged.

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