My Grandmother’s Faith

Blog Entry MY GRANDMOTHER’S FAITH Jul 27, ’09 8:53 PM
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My grandma has a disease called alzheimer’s. I was in high school when the disease started and showed some symptoms. Typical forgetfulness, changes in behavior and the like.
I was in college when she started forgetting people. One by one. She has forgotten what happened last year, a week ago, what happened yesterday, and the worst,what happened in her lifetime.

I can still remember her stories about her youth, about her long black hair that she would take time to comb it. How her first and only true love took sight of her and fallen in love instantly. How my grandpa courted her and how they started their family.

She became a widow when her 5th child was still in her womb. 5months in PGH, that long they stayed together to fight against lung cancer. And then she lost him eventually.

The wealth have been gone,but she was able to raise all five of them. I don’t know how she managed that, but one thing i know, she goes to the church every Sunday and she prays everyday. I know that mattered.

I was a big fan of the church before. I would want to go to church every sunday because i get to see my friends at sunday school. At times, my aunt would tell me that i could not go because i don’t have anything decent to wear. I don’t remember much of my childhood though.

In high school, i started skipping church because i got bored. Or maybe i was just tired the whole week being at the city studying, and i would rather spend my sunday washing my clothes.
Oh well,i was foolish then.

And then i came to know the Lord personally.

I realized, the same messages that the church i’m attending now are the same messages that my former church were preaching. All about Christ, salvation, faith, and grace.

My grandma is the one who was always encouraging us to go to church. She was my first ever leader in my Christian walk. I was living by her example even back then, i just didn’t realize it until now.
Christian na pala ko dati pa.

The church we were attending before is a protestant church, sort of a conservative baptist church.

Lately, her children would ask
us, her grandchildren to go home and spend some time with her, because she’s getting weaker everyday.
And we’re doing that. By doing so, we are also preparing ourselves of what might happen tomorrow.

What amazes me about her is not about her life, her strength, her discipline, but her faith.

One night at eight in the evening after she has been hospitalized, she went outside so my uncle asked her, “Saan ka pupunta Mame?”

“Sa langit.”

“Sa langit? Eh may ticket ka na ba papuntang langit?”

“Ticket? Hindi ko na kailangan ng ticket para makapunta sa langit. Sapat na ang pananampalataya ko.”

And it summarizes everything about her. Her memories, her life, her everything.

I know that when the time comes for her to stand in front of God, she will be rewarded a crown of life. And i can imagine God saying to her, “well done my child, my good and faithful servant.”

My lola is never near perfection. I didn’t even like her before. But i know i love her now more than ever.

Never in my life i’ve been this proud of her. Until now. Until her faith strucked my heart. Until I saw her crying before God. Until I saw her smiling and walking again.

Those eyes, those looks. I will always be a fan, a grandchild. And she will always live and be remembered until the time comes that i’ll forget my own name.

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zafinayaffa wrote on Jul 27, ’09
Ate, nakakainis ka. Nakakaiyak ‘to. :((

Di pa ako prepared. 😦

technicalleon wrote on Jul 31, ’09
Wow, a very touching story, ate Dawin! =)

blackhairedcreature wrote on Jul 31, ’09
Wee! Thank you po… Proud apo lang…

xoysuey wrote on Aug 6, ’09

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