On Hospitalization

To the nth time this year, i’m in a hospital again. This time, i took time and effort to go here in manila to see michelle ann. Cholecystectomy.

I remember once i have asked God if he would allow me to be hospitalized. I just wanted to know the feeling of having visitors.

I don’t know, but i want to be at the icu for 3days, 50/50, and i would know that people will be praying for me. What will happen to me is a miracle that even the doctors would know my case in their lifetime.

But i d0n’t want to be a rape victim or whatever. That is so gross.

And when i wake up, i will not be remembering some of the faces around me.


But then i realized, we can’t afford to have a bill like that. No.. My mom is having a hard time already. I don’t want to be hospitalized anymore. That is the reason why i’m not drinking coffee anymore. No, not even a sip. I love my mom.

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