One Hug

You are the worst person ever! But of course that is not true. You are one person who can hurt me much, and makes me happy at the same time.

Pushing me away is what you always do, but I have learned (I don’t want to go) to not listen to you whenever you do that. Yes it does hurt, but I know you don’t really mean it.

One hug is enough to ease the pain, to remove all the worries and all the burdens inside of me, mostly you’re the one who caused it. 🙂 You are one of God’s gifts to me, He knows I need comfort. 🙂

In spite all these, I can still feel your love. I know I am loved. Plus, you always tell me you love me. And I will always believe you.

Days seemed like weeks. And i don’t want to experience again being not a part of your life.

You are God’s answer to my prayers.


“I love You” is for the people I really love.
“Iloveyou” is yours only. Hm. And for Sam.

Being a big sister to three siblings, I developed a character of being too expressive.

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