Whoah! It has been years since I logged in. My last post was a thanksgiving to God formaking me a whole person as I turned 23.

Right now I am 24, and still struggling to become a better person, to become the person God wants me to be.

So much has changed, and there are lots of things that I can not even share. But as for the things that I want to share, here are some:

1. I started joining a Mountaineering group called TRINEMO, and I started loving mother nature. Here’s the link to my first ever climb in Mount Pulag.

2. Because of my recent passion, my time to serve in my ministry has been, I don’t know, I became idle. I became one those people who just enjoy staring at the music them while they worship in front.

3. Last May I left work at AIE to pursue our family business. If I won’t stand up for us, who will? None are available except for me.

4. I know people around me noticed the huge difference: I seldom text nowadays. 

And some of my friends became angry recently because I don’t reply. Not that I deliberately do it on purpose, I can’t just explain to them easily why I can’t reply on time, especially when they need my response right away.

People who value me real big really knows the reason: I OVERSLEEP.

And because of my oh-so-unworthy-habit, I am afraid. I’m scared that I won’t succeed in life because of the simple fact that I can’t even respond to friends right away. I can’t do such a simple thing. 😦

A person whom I thought values me that much recently cursed me. I felt bad. Though I had a very reasonable reason in which I did not share, I am not angry. But I really feel bad. I know it was my fault.

And the Bible even warned his people not to oversleep because people who do so will not succeed in life.

Oh God, please help me and my family, bless our business, and BLESS MY PLANS.

and oh by the way, I can now say that I am emotionally stable. I am in love. 🙂 Nobody knows who that person is though except the Lord of course 🙂

Thank you Lord for my wonderful life! Life is beautiful.

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