Plans, Goals, Wants

I tried erasing my blogs last year, and decided to do another one this year. My goal was to make a blog entry not later than January 1, 2010. But because I was in Rizal (net inaccessible), I asked Karen (she turned me down, so I asked Micas in desperation), and I ended up today doing my first blog entry for this year in my old site. And I realized, it is no big deal whether I have deleted this or I have a new one.

I’ve been thinking of writing my blogs in my own language which is Tagalog because my purpose of blogging is to JUST express myself, my thoughts. But I realized, I’d stick to writing in English most of the time. Oh well, I’m trying to develop my communication skill.

I’m not trying to advertise this because, I just don’t like. There are only two persons who know this: Nanan and Karen. Though they are not reading the things here unless I ask them to.

Alright… The biggest challenge in my life right now is the Prayer and Fasting. This is a church activity where in we corporately consecrate ourselves though prayer and fasting. This would be for 7 days. I’ve been trying to finish the fasting for 6 years consecutively, but sadly, I always fail. Hence the reason why I’m thinking I’m not faithful enough that’s why God is not blessing me with much.

This year, my faith is to really finish the fast, 7 days, liquid only fast. I won’t eat. I won’t just do a hunger strike, but I will seek God more. It will start tomorrow.

One of the things in my FAITH GOALS is my plan of going abroad. On or before April 2010. This is just a mere faith because I am not qualified to work abroad as a nurse because I don’t have any experience yet, and at the same time, I don’t know how to apply for a work anywhere. Yesterday, Jackie and i talked and we decided to look for agencies in Manila this month.

In my previous blogs, my topics where mostly my emotions regarding bff. Oh well, I’m an emotional person. But this year, i decided to not to look for her always. This is not because I am jealous but because I can see that I have done my part already. She no longer needs me. Good thing, Joy is now at the picture. He can help her anytime. But it doesn’t mean I won’t be around for her anymore. I’m still a bestfriend.

Hm, Xoy is still afraid of Nanan. Kailan kaya siya hindi mahihiya sa Ditse niya? Si Marie din. Ano ba yan. Katakot naman talaga si Nanan, pero Ate yun eh. Kaya niyang umintindi. Pag walang topak. Hehehe. Seriously though, thoughtful si Nanan.

Sisimulan ko na ring maglagay ng photos dito sa mga entries ko para hindi boring sa paningin ko.


Some of my faith goals….

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