Blog Entry SLEEP! Feb 7, ’07 2:28 AM
for everyone

A person asked me how long do i usually sleep…

I asnwered honestly: 14-16 hours…

It’s really insane:)

This is one of the things that i love doing…

Here are my reasons:


1) It is a necessity to sleep, everyone needs it.

2) When i’m sleeping, i’m resting from all the days works

3) Sometimes, i sleep because i want to refresh my mind

4) Waking makes me feel the difference ( if before i sleep i was mad, when i wake up, the feeling’s gone already)

5) Sleeping reminds me to dream again…

6) Waking up reminds me of how Great is our God… He again allowed me to take another deep breaths, allowed me to continue living my life, to continue doing the things that i wasn’t able to finish before i went to bed.

7) Upon waking up, i feel blessed because my nightmares are over.

8) Sleeping motivates me to ask God for another wonderful dream, even though He’s not always granting my request.


Here’s my reason why its taking me too long sleeping…

According to facts, if you consumed more than 8 hours sleeping, you’ll have a headache… As for me, that’s quite true, so whenever i feel the pain, i’ll just close my eyes and pray, and definitely, I’m sleeping again:)

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