Soul: My Biggest Weakness

You are intelligent and you think about life and philosophy any WHY to everything. But you are missing passion. You like to do creative things, but they often lack the soul behind it. You can make people laugh and beat your friends in an IQ test, but when it comes to living your life to the fullest, you are lost, even though you think you aren’t. You think you are right,but underneath of it all you are confused. You are only guided by your mind which often leads you astray, but your soul rarely reflects in your life. You like to work hard for things and you think you deserve them, but you sometimes wonder why you are where you are. You need direction for your persistent and determined personality, but you aren’t sure where to get it.

This was from one of Facebook’s quizzes.
I don’t think the results are accurate but it described everything I’ve been feeling for a long time now. It made me realize too that it would be just fine if i’ll admit that I am really in a state of confusion. And yes indeed, I am in need of help.

What I’m thankful about the result is that I get to know my weaknesses without being too concerned on how will I be able to transform those into something worthy of my time and effort.

I told bff first. And she understood, giving back the message that I’ve sent her before. That everything is a normal happening.Ü Haha. I so love her. She remembers everything. I do admire her even more.

Ate Charm said it was just a phase wherein the action that I should be doing is to Seek God More through His word.

“At least nw alam mo kung ano dapat gawin di ba? To ask God. To seek Him more. ”

Ate Mau encouraged by saying that I should rest for a while. Hehe.

“hahaha! ikaw anu ano iniicp mo eh. wg msydong advance. its ok to plan and think of the future pro wg todo. hahaha
ang sweetdawin ko. smart kz eh. dmi tuloy tanung..curious k msydo. ”

I needed help. And I still do. I need help.

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