Staying Outside

Blog Entry STAYING OUTSIDE… Feb 7, ’07 2:26 AM
for everyone

I went home last last carrying a heavy burden… I just found out that another expectation of mine, is not going to happen, yet… Or maybe, its never gonna happen…


Here’s another story about me being so disciplinarian when it comes to my sisters coming home late, and not telling me where they’d go…


Marie, the second to the youngest is the one receiving the most nags… Last night, she went home late but not that so late… I asked why she didn’t even inform me via texting, I don’t have a load she replied…”Why didn’t you borrow your classmate’s phone?!” She replied, “They have no loads either!” And so i was pissed… (i really hate it when they’re not respondng to my messages)…

I opened the computer and did Roselle’s(Youngest) music assignment and so i got tired… Then Marie’s friends came over, they Invited her to go to 7eleven, and so she agreed… She left without asking for my permission, which irritated me all the more… i’ve decided to ask my other sisters out… We had our dinner date at Jollibee because that was the nearest food chain in our place… We usually don’t eat outside if we are not complete, but because i was really pissed, we did…I locked the gate knowing that Marie lost her key.. hehe… Parusa na ‘to=)


And then we went home… The gate’s still locked, and she wasn’t there… I was expecting she’ll be waiting outside, standing… To my surprise, she was at the house next to us…Waiting… Worrying…


I told her i was irritated and reminded her not to talk to me… We’re not yet through with this, i exclaimed….


Standing outside is not enough for me as a punishment… I was really thinking of locking her out for at least 30 minutes… But that’s harsh… And so here we are again… Back to our usual setting… =)


hindi ko ba naman alam kung bakit hindi sila natatakot sa mga pwede kong gawin…Hindi sila natatakot kapag galit ako…Hhhhhmmmm…=)

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