The Beauty of Dying

Blog Entry THE BEAUTY OF DYING Sep 4, ’06 3:49 AM
for everyone

A year ago, in our English subject, we have to make our own speeches, in which, the class has chosen the topic “If only i could turn back time”… Our professor smiled at us, because what we have chosen was a lot better than the topic of the class before us which was The Beauty of Dying…

We all laughed at it…What would be the beauty of dying anyway?!

One of the things that I’m really praying, and asking to God is that, as a Nursing student, He wouldn’t allow any patient of mine to die… Maybe in the whole ward… I had a trauma before regarding dead people when my friend’s dad died…

Monday evening, 4 hours before our shift ends, an 85 year old Lolo was taken to our ward to have an operation afterwards… The hospital that time was almost full that even hallways were occupied… After an hour, he was taken to the operating room… And then our shift ended…

The following day, at 3:03 in the afternoon, i got into the hospital… A bit late, but wasn’t scolded because the time i came in, there he was, the old man lying… With an Electrocardiographer a his foot, with a nurse and a doctor doing a CPR on him, with all other patients looking, my classmates’ worries and the tears of the relatives… He’s trying to survive… Eyes closed, and every 3 seconds, an ambu bag is being pressed… The doctor was so calm, that even the nurse assisting him was smiling widely, that they keep on throwing jokes a each other… Everything was on manual… I can’t see any machine like the one that i used to see in a television…

My classmate cried coz his own grandpa was also dying at the other hospital…Then  a patient called me because his IV fluid doesn’t seem to flow well… After i managed to have it flow, my classmate called me and told me that the old man died…


No more of the doctor and no manual cardiographer… Relatives were crying silently, other patients were crying too, were afraid somehow… Our clinical instructor called 3 of my classmates… They are to clean and prepare the cadaver to be taken later to the morgue… All the contraptions should be removed… Patient must be clean, and the clothes should be replaced…

With all the coldness and the numbness, there he was, he experienced the beauty of dying…


prinzesmaan wrote on Nov 8, ’06
those who will read this should really dig down deeper on the meanings of the words.,

kramthet wrote on Nov 9, ’06
yahoo! yahoo!
haba ah.. =D

astaldohiliel wrote on Nov 16, ’06
diz is d one u showd me last nov.4 ayt??
nice one…
ur a certified writter.!!!

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