The Master’s Weakness

It was April of 2008 when I graduated from my university of 8 years,finishing Bachelor of Science in Nursing. June 2008 when I took the National Licensure Examination for Nurses and it was August when I heard the news that I passed. It was October of same year when I started working. June of 2009 was the time that I enrolled for Master of Arts in Nursing course. If I am serious and patient enough, I could finish this in two years. Plus the fact if i can come up with my own thesis. Yes, that is my weakness so far.

Alright. I decided to take this thing up, of course, for my own good: professional growth, personal satisfaction, advantages of having an advantage, etc. But now, I’m really having a hard time because research works and reports have piled up right in front of me. And I almost felt like having this regret of taking this.

Honestly, there is the possibility that I will leave the country sooner or later, and I won’t be able to finish what I have started already. There is this certain rule at school that MA students must finish their studies within 5 years. Just in case I’ll leave the country later this year or early next year, I have this plan of staying abroad for at least 5 years. Whew!

I need guidance, I need counseling. I need strength, I need wisdom. I need my God.

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