The Poem.ü

I’m s0rry.
If y0u’d ask me why
I’ll tell y0u,f0r everything.
Ask me again, then i’ll say, f0r my sh0rtc0mings.

Y0u may n0t see me everyday
0ften n0t in the audience t0 watch y0u play
But in my heart, i want y0u t0 kn0w y0u stay.

I may n0t be y0ur sh0ulder t0 cry 0n
N0t even y0ur greatest warri0r
But even th0ugh i’m just an 0rdinary friend
I’ll stand by y0u n0 matter what happens.

T0 tell y0u the truth, it scares me t0 death
That this friendship might end
F0r i can’t always be present
And be there when y0u need help

Y0u might think this is untrue
But i pr0mise y0u
As l0ng as i’m breathing
Pancake will always be here f0r Dawin.

I l0ve y0u ate.

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