The Unhealthy Misser (A Series, PArt IV)

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I was browsing my oh-so-not-latest blogs this afternoon, and after that, I decided to not to come to class. Why? Because for the first time, I really felt the feeling of missing someone, and the frustrations that it brings.

Being an “unhealthy misser”…
I first heard that term from Adle Rose…And after that, I realized that I am an unhealthy misser too. Being an emotional person, it is really easy for me to be attached to somebody. But the thing is that, it is not always that I get to spend time with that person. And so whenever one would ask me if I do miss him/her, I would always tell “NO” even if it really sounds mean, or harsh. 

I don’t want to miss people because, it frustrates me when I feel the feeling of missing somebody, and yet I can’t do nothing but to just HOPE that I might see the person sooner.
For how many years now, I’ve been telling my mom how much I love her, but seldom that I admit that I do miss her. Missing her would mean, I would ask her to go home. But doing so will just make our situation worse.

Just today, I accepted the fact that I am just in denial. YES, I DO MISS MY MOM… And she is worth my tears. 

But what made my emo-mode worse? It’s the fact that I needed someone with me, but I was too emotional to just even speak, or text, or call.

(Thank you Ate Jona for the unexpected call. You heard me cry already.)

It will only take three days for me to be used on experiencing something.

Text me three days straight and I will start looking for you when on the fourth day, you’ll stop doing it.

Hug me three days straight and I will ask you the 4th day that you won’t be around.

Don’t communicate with me for three days and I will not look for you anymore.

Being quiet for three days will make me a quiet person for the whole week.

Being busy for three days will make my week even more busy.

Alright,on being like this, I know it’s just a part of me growing. Realizing things from time to time, and crying at least once a year. 

I need my social life back… By going out at night, I tend to forget that somehow I’m missing people.

And I know, I will always be Ms.Unhealthy Misser.

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prinzesmaan wrote on Sep 25, ’09
3 days.,..
oh, okei.,..

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