The Vision of a Powerful Person

for everyone
The people around me are always telling me what to do, and for some reasons, I always do what they say. I don’t want to disappoint anybody. When they say I shouldn’t do it, I won’t do it. If they say I should choose this, I’d choose it. They said I should not move, and I didn’t move. But there came a person who told me that I can do ‘this’ wonderful thing, and the people around me shouted, “You can’t do that!”            I have dreamt of this ‘thing’, that my life would be different from the others. Here in my heart, I know that I wanted to do more, more than the things that they wanted me to do. I have dreamt of believing in myself, that I can go the distance, but the laughters that I hear when I wake up makes me wonder, should I continue dreaming?

Someone had given me the ability to see things beyond what others can see. And then I saw myself, and who would I become few years from now. I saw that I’m a professional when I’ve decided to not to cheat anymore. I saw that I’m successful, when I’ve decided to choose what I wanted to do. And then I saw myself victorious, that’s when I started believing in me, and believing in the “One” who had given me life. In my visions, I saw myself smiling, and laughing, and fulfilled, far different from the things that I see in me presently.

Here I am standing in a crowd full of laughters, but I can still hear the words that make me stronger, “believe for more”. Should I try to walk out of the door even if I don’t know that’s going to happen to me outside, or I’ll just sit here, somehow, anyhow, someone would tell me, “stand straight buddy, we can still carry on”… Should I still follow them, when I don’t want them telling me what to do? I’m here standing between dreams and reality, is it just fine to believe that someday, visions and dreams would come true? If I only have the courage to say no…

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