To You

TO YOU Feb 7, ’07 2:32 AM
for everyone

Open your eyes




A friend already told you that he has someone prettier than you, but you keep on believing that he’s faithful to you. Someone even took a picture of him and another girl flirting, you still believe that he’s so honest to you. Now that you see him with holding another hands apart form yours, and you still say you love him the most?

Open your eyes young lady, for you are blinded by the words he has shown you.  Even if you are careful enough not to be hurt, you’re not aware but slowly, you are killing yourself. Your heart may be numb not to feel the pain, but sooner, you’ll see yourself bleeding. You are given the chance to see things properly, but what have you done? You closed your eyes. You’re not blind, not even a victim of the situation, but you are a volunteer. It’s as if you’re saying, “Come on, kiss me now, and come back later when you’re done with her.”

Open your eyes wonderful lady for you are not meant to be hurt by someone like him. Be brave now to see the light because he is not worthy to be loved by you. Now if you accept the fact that he’s not even worthy to be hugged by you, would you consider the beauty that awaits you? Be courageous young lady, to be hurt and feel the pain of the consequences of your actions. Feel the taste of freedom, feel the joy of living in truth. Don’t be afraid now for you are not alone. Take a deep breath, open up your eyes and smile, do you see the light now?

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