You are the Queen – By Ma’am Ingrid

Blog Entry YOU ARE THE QUEEN – BY MA’AM INGRID Feb 27, ’07 9:43 PM
for everyone

I have this problem, but not really a problem….

8 months ago, i’ve decided to increase my weight, as well as my body built….

i can only achieve my goal, by increasing my food intake, my liquid intake, and have a regular exercise…

I only did the first two stated above…

a week ago, i decided to do the third one….

yesterday, i forgot…


i got tired…

here’s a photo of me if i won’t do the third one coz it’s really hard for me to decrease my fluid and food intake….

Di ako matakaw at malakas kumain,

Im just fond of EATING…=)

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prinzesmaan wrote on Feb 27, ’07
i am afraid i’m near that figure.,:(

di din ako matakaw.,
i’m just fond of eating.,Ü

kramthet wrote on Feb 28, ’07
discipline… 🙂

magnifikatz wrote on Feb 28, ’07
shuhada yokong maging ganyan!!!! d ako mtakaw….pro sv nyo nga fond of eating lng…

zafinayaffa wrote on Feb 28, ’07
Ewwwwww! Ayaw ko nyan!!! May gas!

zafinayaffa wrote on Feb 28, ’07
Nagawa pang magpatatoo! Woooh!

zheena0717 wrote on Feb 28, ’07
kadiri naman yan.. fond… mag seafood diet kasi kau..seafood, whenever i see food i eat..

astaldohiliel wrote on Feb 28, ’07
wahh….katakoot naman yan…

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