You’re Alive

‘It’ is the day, and guess what?
You’re alive.

No i won’t sleep until you let me know you still want to breath. To live. Inspite of the fears. Inspite of the uncertainties of tomorrow.

The pain may never go away forever, it will always come back, to let you be reminded, yes,
You’re alive.

I don’t see much of you often, of your burdens,of your pains, of your smiles,of your happiness even.

The thing that scares me most about the thought of losing you one day, is not the fact that you’re gone, but the reality that even when you were with me,i was losing you already because what i’ve been doing is not enough.
And i don’t want that to happen. Why? Coz i want to be brave enough to hold on to you. To not let you go.

Comfort,no i can’t give it to you, not even a bit.

And i’m sorry for not being the right person you need me to be right now.

No,i can’t be like another person,i just can’t.

No,i won’t grieve. I don’t know how to grieve yet. And i’ve no plans of learning on it.

I can’t be a medicine,i can’t be a healer,i can’t be a comforter. There are million of things that i just can’t do.
But guess what?
I’m alive too, and i’m sticking with you.

You’ve read this, and it only means one thing.

You’re alive,and you have to live your life.

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