I don’t know why I forgot about this page for almost seven years. I don’t know why my heart kept pressing me to open the laptop and buy a new website for business purposes.

I woke up early this Saturday morning with a mind filled with ideas that I wasn’t able to go back to sleep. And to my amazement, here I am writing this and putting my thoughts into words while still in bed.

I forgot that I once dreamt of becoming a blogger. Since I’ve forgotten all about it, does it mean I don’t really want it?

Now that I remembered and I am wanting to be back on track, would it mean I DO really like it?

I’ve deleted pages in this blog like the AIE Site (my first workplace that opened my eyes to blogging and E-commerce), my previous business, and my other endeavors.

SEVEN YEARS. Seven years have passed and I am still here, unable to save for the future, unsuccessful, been to a lot of failures, experienced misery in life, did a lot of mistakes, and yet I am still here, experiencing the grace of God in every way.

I know I don’t really deserve a second chance, much more the 10th chance, but I am still here, having that nth chance from the Lord and from my family.


YOU CAN MAKE IT!20190824_154504

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