How to Earn through WordPress

Okay, you must have known from your OWN research that one can actually earn at home through the online platform. But the question is how to earn from this blogging thing?

As the title suggests, this post will teach you the basic on how one could actually earn a potential sum of money using the WordPress site.

First of: Why Did I choose WordPress to sign up in the first place?

As a non-techie Tita of Manila, it is the most easy to use platform from tons out there.

Based on my previous blogs I discovered today, I have been using WordPress since 2012 and I did not have a hard time manipulating the pages and all.

Almost everything is automatic, I assume.

And yes, I just purchased my official website today to show everyone that you can easily use it even without a single knowledge. How? It has tutorials.

Should I also mention that it is actually cheaper than any other website providers?

I purchased a website in godaddy before but I had to purchase additional WordPress for it and so many others. Sadly, since I wasn’t a techie person, I didn’t even use it a single time because I didn’t know how. Or maybe I was just wasn’t up for it back then.

Do you know that you can earn 20% of your referral’s purchases using the link provided to you? Oh well, I have not learned much from it but I am so excited to share it to everyone and so NOW I am encouraging everybody to have your own websites and start monetizing from your passions!

Step 1: Visit and choose your own domain before purchasing

Step 2: Start Posting Your Contents

Step 3: Develop Your Site

Step 4: START EARNING ONLINE by signing up to WordPress Affiliate Marketing Program. It takes a while before it would wok before they will have to review your account for verification purposes.  Please note that you have to prepare you Paypal Account Details to receive payments from those converted referrals.

This is an Excerpt from the site:

What You’ll Get as a Member:

  • 20% for Every Convert

    Earn 20% of all the revenues your referral generates. That kind of percentage can add up quickly!

  • Unlimited Referrals

    The sky’s the limit! Refer as many clients and contacts as you can, and get paid for every Premium sale you refer.

  • Intuitive Dashboard

    Launch and manage your campaigns from your Dashboard. Track your traffic, view detailed statistics, customize reports, check your payments, & more.

It sounds easy, but I know it is not. That is why I am recording my entire experiences to be of help to be of help to at least one person out there.

Yahoo! As of December 1, 2019, I got an email Confirmation from WordPress that I am now eligible for their affiliate program. So easy, right?

Have I started earning? No, not yet. I have to work on my crafts first and hopefully improve this site into  something worthy.

Okay, to summarize: IF YOU PLAN ON BEING SERIOUS IN YOUR CRAFT, START NOW AND GET YOUR OWN WEBSITE with so much ease.  You can do it for free too!

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