Why do I want to get rich?

I want to live a comfortable life.

And when I said comfortable, I actually mean different things:

I WANT MY FREEDOM. I want to live my life without the fear of the uncertainties. I know emergencies will arise in different forms, but I do not want to be driven by fear. And I don’t want to be dragged behind by my failures and mountains of mistakes. And that is only possible if I know that I have enough resources to sustain me and my family even if I do not go to work in the next 12 months and if I have enough savings for the emergencies that might arise.

I WANT TO LIVE MORE. I know that living creatures were designed for progress and multiplication. And I know I cannot really move forward to the way that I want to go by having nothing, and worse, by having a lot of debts and liabilities.

I WANT TO LOVE MORE. Love myself more, and love other more. What I want for myself, I also want others to get it. How can I give if I don’t have anything? How can I even say that I love myself if I do not even do anything to make a change in my situation?

Today, I have debts to pay, I do not have more to give, and I am in quarantine because of the scary reality outside. I do not want to be drowned in the negativity outside. I need to train my brain to be wired in the positive sources instead.


I am not limited to dream and desire for a better life. There is actually a way out of this situation towards the things I am dreaming of. It is coming and I should be preparing.

In my mind is that peaceful community, I am in a comfortable home, in my quiet bedroom, at a bigger office doing the ministry of helping people grow richer, planning my next big move with my family. I know the universe has conspired to give me everything that I need, everything that I want, and everything that I am dreaming of.

In my first “office” at the other side of our bedroom.

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